Reliance Pathology Partners provides 24-48 hour turn-around time for specimen analysis, performed by pathologist specializing in gastroenterology. Our laboratory provides well-organized reports with photomicrographs. Result reports are clear and concise with all diagnoses printed in bold for easy examination of all pertinent information.

Within the gastrointestinal subspecialty, Reliance receives a diverse array of cases ranging from complex resection specimens to mucosal biopsies

Reliance Technology

Reliance is dedicated to utilizing state of the art technology and information to produce quality results.  
Reliance provides technology services for a variety of regular and special stains to include:

H & E 

H. Pylori

Alcian Blue for intestinal metaplasia

Trichrome Stain for collagenous (microscopic) colitis


Reliance Gastrointestinal Pathology Department

The Gastrointestinal Pathology department of Reliance is directed by Dr. Janice McCall, who completed a fellowship in gastrointestinal pathology at the John Hopkins Hospital and is a member of the Gastrointestinal Pathology Society. Dr. McCall is backed by a team of Reliance pathologists, including Dr. Alejandra Kalik,  who was recently recognized as one of the top doctors in America by the "Consumers' Guide To Top Doctors."   

Not only does the Reliance team of GI trained pathologists provide accurate and timely results, they are also well known for performing intradepartmental consultations as a routine part of their quality, expertise, and commitment to patient care.