Q.  Who is Reliance Pathology Partners?

A.  Reliance Pathology Partners is a physician owned, CAP accredited, anatomic pathology laboratory located in Tampa, Florida. Reliance physicians are board certified anatomic pathologists with sub-specialties in every major discipline. Having been in the practice of pathology for over 35 years, the physicians of Reliance tirelessly strive to provide the service, quality and above all, accuracy, clinicians and their patients have come to rely upon.
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Q.  What services does Reliance offer?

A. Reliance provides anatomic pathology testing to specialists, such as dermatologists, oncologists/hematologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, as well as multi specialty surgery centers and endoscopy centers.
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Q.  What is anatomical pathology testing?

A.  Anatomic pathology is the examination of tissue samples removed during surgery.  The samples are then evaluated  by a board certified pathologist to determine if disease is present or not.


Q.  What is a pathologist?

A. Pathologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis of disease by studying tissue samples.  They make diagnosis from tissue samples removed during surgery through microscopic study.  As a member of your healthcare team, their findings help your doctor understand the nature of the disease, as well as develop a plan for the most effective the treatment. 
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Q.  Why did I receive a bill from Reliance Pathology Partners?

A.  Your physician has chosen Reliance to provide you with the best possible diagnosis and interpretation services available for the specimen that was obtained from you at the time of your office visit. After Reliance completed the necessary services, a billing claim was submited to the insurance carrier(s). The patient is then responsible for the balance remaining after insurance payment.  
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Q.  Who do I contact if I have questions about my bill?

A.  Simply send an e-mail to billing@reliancepathology.com or call: Locally 813-490-7206 Toll Free 1-866-944-0404.  
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